About us

TheRawBoys is a plant based earth-conscious business with a heart-based culture. The biggies for us are Authenticity, Wellness, Cruelty free, Gratitude & Love which we seek to achieve through high-vibrational lifestyle choices. 


We both love green juices, living food and raw chocolate … we’ve been making all three for a very long time. In 2015 we opened Rawthentic Unbakery & Farmacy in Tweed Heads, the regions first raw vegan cafe & organic health food shop. We also wholesale our raw vegan desserts, pizza bread, wraps, crackers and raw muesli and grawnola to cafes and heathfood shops from Byron to Brisbane and beyond.

 As our business grows and expands our vision is to continue to honour Mother Earth, promote healthy sustainable living, support healthy habits and wellness, and to offer a space of inspiration and community awareness.

Operating a commercial raw vegan wholefoods kitchen is full of challenges but it is also an amazing experience and we know we are blessed to be able to do what we do. We regularly publish to our blog and run a number of raw food preparation classes & workshops. From time to time we hold retreats. Our raw wholefoods journey has definitely changed our lives for the better and we hope by sharing what we do it can help to change other lives for the better as well.


TheRawBoys | Tweed Valley | Gold Coast