Almond Mylk


Another very simple and straightforward recipe. Why should you drink almond mylk? Almond mylk is an excellent alternative for anyone that doesn’t like cow’s milk or is lactose intolerant. Pure almond mylk is 100% vegan and very simple to make. One cup of unsweetened almond mylk contains 1 gram of fibre and protein and only around 30 calories. Health Benefits of Almond Mylk include:

1.No cholesterol – helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.
2.Helps weight loss only 30 calories per cup.
3.No funny stuff. No hormones, no antiobiotics.
4.Good source of omega-3 fatty acids.
5.Rich in calcium.
6.Helps keep your eyes sharp. Rich in Vitamin A,E, & D.
7.Good for your skin with help from Vitamin E.
8.DIY – see the recipe below.
9.100% Vegan. Free of animal products.
10.Lactose free.

Helpful Hints

To make mylk creamier use less water. The pulp and be used a second time but with 500grams and the second use. The almond meal can be spread out on a dehydrator sheet to make almond flour for use in cakes, crackers, etc.


1 cup of organic almonds
1 litre of spring water


Soak almonds in spring water overnight (about 7-8 hours)
Rinse almonds and place in blender with spring water
Blender on high for about 1 minute
Pour into a hemp or cheesecloth bag and squeeze out the mylk

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