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Is cooked food dangerous?

Shock news from the world of dietary research: raw-food fanatics may not be so deranged after all. Research has emerged showing a direct link between a chemical called acrylamide and womb and ovarian cancer in women. Acrylamide is produced when we roast, fry or bake our food.If you are still reeling from last month’s news that bacon and sausages cause cancer, then the idea that the future holds only raw beansprouts may seem a bit much. However, it appears that the more crispily we cook food – particularly starchy foods, such as potatoes – the more acrylamide is produced.

why raw? why vegan? why plant-based? why organic?

We specialise in raw vegan organic plant-based wholefoods so its not surprising we are often asked: why raw? why vegan? why plant-based? why organic? WHY RAW? Its generally accepted amongst raw foodies that raw food means no ingredients have ever been heated above the threshold level of 45 degrees Celsius. This ensures the food remains […]

Going Raw

Young cacao pod (raw chocolate) In May 2013 an article about "Going Raw" was published in the Sydney Morning Herald by Sarah Berry, Life & Style reporter. She interviewed David Wolfe (world's most famous raw foodie) and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (media scientist)  and Sonya Stanley (spokeswoman for the Dietitians Association of Australia). Here is a summary [...]