E3Live Australia – All-Organic Superfood Science Explained Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, meaning invisible flower of the water, is a fresh water nutritional plant referred to as cyanophyta. Cyanophyta are living water plants that grow in nearly all droplets of sunlit water and in every gram of soil, on the bark of trees and the surfaces of rocks. […]

Evaluation of Microalgae for use as Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Supplements

E3Live Australia – All-Organic Superfood Author: West M Bishop Abstract: As proper nourishment is a growing concern with increasing world populations, sustainable sources of nutritional value are needed. Due to the diverse nutritional components algae can produce and concentrate, along with their simple and rapid growth characteristics, these autotrophic organisms are exceedingly desired for us […]

Is cooked food dangerous?

Shock news from the world of dietary research: raw-food fanatics may not be so deranged after all. Research has emerged showing a direct link between a chemical called acrylamide and womb and ovarian cancer in women. Acrylamide is produced when we roast, fry or bake our food.If you are still reeling from last month’s news that bacon and sausages cause cancer, then the idea that the future holds only raw beansprouts may seem a bit much. However, it appears that the more crispily we cook food – particularly starchy foods, such as potatoes – the more acrylamide is produced.

Why should I eat organic?

Loud voices dismiss organic food as nothing more than a trendy 21st-century lifestyle choice for the neurotic rich, but this is a phony argument. There’s nothing new or modish about organics – until the 1950s, all the food we ate was organically produced. It’s organic food that should be considered “normal”, not the upstart, factory-farmed, agrochemical stuff that’s only been on our shelves for a few decades. And the reasons for eating organic food, and supporting organic farmers and growers, are becoming more compelling, not less.

Sacred Geometry – Designs of Creation and the Symbols of Wholeness

By Russell Symonds Sacred geometry symbols come from the patterns of nature, spirit, and various mystical concepts. Behind all sacred geometric symbols is the knowledge that enables us to take complete control over our lives, taking us out of chaos, fear and hatred which affect so many of us. According to ancient wisdom, all is […]