About our classes


We are keen to share our ideas, recipes and experience, so running raw food preparation classes is a natural extension for our business! Raw recipes often include ingredients and techniques that can be unfamiliar – so we aim to provide a bit of experience, knowledge and some techniques to help you get started or to continue to create.

Our “Raw Food Basics” class is an entry-level demonstration style class designed for anyone wanting to introduce more raw unprocessed wholefoods into their daily diet. It provides an introduction to the main concepts and techniques used in modern raw living cuisine.

The main areas covered by this class include:Auguste Escoffier School Knife Skills Class

  • The raw living lifestyle according to TheRawBoys
  • Basic equipment and supplies used in a raw food kitchen
  • Soaking, sprouting, activating, fermenting & dehydrating
  • Non-dairy mylks, butters & cheeses;
  • Sugar alternatives;
  • Meat alternatives.

In this class you will learn how to make an alternative raw pasta dish, tasty nut cheese, nut meatballs, raw sauces, raw chocolate bark, raw chocolate brownie and vege flax crackers.

ALL HANDS ON DECKOur general approach is to introduce each dish explaining why we chose it for the class highlighting what’s special about it. We then work through the list of raw ingredients explaining why they are in the recipe and pointing out any medicinal and health benefits. During the assembly process we provide an understanding of raw basics – how ingredients work and how we should work with them. We discuss alternative ingredients offering extra tips and techniques and things to watch out for.

If you’re an absolute beginner, you should leave our classes equipped with skills to create some raw dishes guaranteed to impress. If you are already creating impressive raw dishes then our classes should help you to continue creating. To make sure you remember everything after you leave our classes, we supply a small booklet with all the recipes, instructions, tips and techniques you learn on the day as well as a small pack of your creations to take home and share with your families. We also have raw essential products to purchase at discounted prices – such as raw organic cacao, mesquite, maca, as well as coconut nectar and other products relevant to the class.


As with all of our classes we will be available after class via email to answer questions and help you overcome any post lesson hiccups. We make raw food commercially and have done so for a number of years. We have learned many practical lessons over the years and we happily share these in our classes. In addition, our classes are not just an introduction to raw food but also an introduction to a community of passionate raw foodies who will support you long after the end-of-class bell has sounded. Post class, we always encourage our “students” to stay connected in true rawconnections fashion. After all, that is what we are really about.

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