Meet TheRawBoys


Everyone has a story and this is TheRawBoys. Their raw wholefoods journey really started in the late 1970s … no internet, no instagram, no raw food classes, and no vegan cafes. 

The boys stumbled upon the newly published works of Marcia Madhuri Acciardo (“Light Eating for Survival”)  and Viktoras Kulvinskas (“Survival in the 21st Century”). Both books supported their growing understanding that diet and lifestyle could have the ability to heal and the power to damage our bodies. This is widely accepted now but at the time it represented a new way of thinking about food. With the publication of Anne Wigmore’s book (“Recipes for a Longer Life”) the boys were ready to take on the world. Bright eyed and full of energy Bryn got on a plane and headed overseas and Colin went to university.

Fast forward 30 years. David “Avocado” Wolfe arrived in Byron Bay and at a chance meeting with the boys planted the idea of opening a raw food business. While excited by the prospect it was eventually dismissed as “not very realistic … who would buy raw vegan food?”

But 18 months later the boys opened a tiny raw vegan food business at a local organic farmers market on the Gold Coast. Business started slowly. Several weeks in customers were still walking past their stall with buttery croissants and bacon and egg rolls.  Their concern turned to alarm when a customer asked,  “I don’t mean to be rude but didnt your mother teach you how to cook?” To be fair, their approach was quite unique. They made and sold traditional bakery items without processed flours, no cane sugar, no butter, no eggs, and no milk and they didn’t bake.

Not to be put off the boys started to call themselves  an “UNBAKERY” and people slowly started to get it.

Before long there were queues at their market stall, customers started to ask about “The Raw Boys” and local cafes and health food shops began approaching them. In 2008 TheRawBoys wholesale business was off and running.

Nowadays most people get it. Plant based wholefoods (PBWF), once considered a fringe dietary pursuit, is now a global movement growing at warp speed. More and more people care about what they eat and thanks to social media and the internet they can easily search out healthy real food alternatives. And that is exactly what TheRawBoys offer. Drawing on years of experience with traditional raw food techniques they offer genuine original flavours with authenticity.

Today, TheRawBoys wholesale far and wide to cafes and health food shops. Their plant based, artisan cakes, desserts, raw breads, wraps, crackers, and biscuits are all handmade in small batches from organic minimally processed ingredients.

They also operate their vegan unBakery located on the border in Stuart Street,  Coolangatta Tweed Heads. They also have an online heath food shop and from time to time they also run raw wholefood classes and retreats.

On a final note and for the record, both their mums were very good cooks.