About Rawthentic Unbakery

What’s an unbakery?  In many ways we are like a traditional bakery but we use very untraditional methods in the preparation of our food … we don’t use regular flour, eggs, butter or milk and we often don’t bake. Everything is 100% plant based and we make most things from scratch daily. We have raw no bread wraps. Our desserts are raw and dairy, egg, processed sugar, and oil free. We make our own dehydrated unbaked corn chips and grawnola. Our pie pastry is made from mashed potato … no butter, no milk, no eggs. 

We complete many hours of food prep each morning before we open. We squeeze, soak, scoup out, chop, blend, spiralise, ferment, dehydrate and sprout.  Most mornings start with the sound of cracking coconuts.

Our goal is to create food that takes our customers to a happier healthier place. But just because we do sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free doesn’t mean we do flavour-free … where’s the happy in that?

You definitely don’t have to be a raw vegan to enjoy our food. Most of our customers aren’t. But if you care about what you eat and you’re looking for fresh healthy food with genuine authentic flavours you should definitely drop in for a visit. Check out our opening hours and latest menu below.