About us

We are a small plant-based heath food business located on the border between the Gold Coast and the Tweed Valley:

  • Wholesale business … we wholesale our raw desserts, wraps, crackers and grawnolas to cafes and healthfood shops from Byron to Brisbane and beyond.
  • Online shop … selling our own products (incl. raw desserts, grawnola, raw wraps, raw crackers) and a large range of health & eco products that have been ethically & sustainably sourced & produced.
  • Plant-based cafe … called Rawthentic Unbakery … a small alternative vibe eatery specialising in healthy plant-based wholefoods, tonics, elixirs and gourmet raw desserts.
  • Raw Food classes … we are keen to share our ideas, recipes & experience, so running raw food preparation classes is a natural extension for our business. Raw recipes often include ingredients and techniques that can be unfamiliar – so we aim to provide a bit of experience, knowledge and some techniques to help you get started or to continue to create.