Bryn Morgan

Bryn’s wholefood joubryn biopic2014rney started in his late teens when he was exposed to the foundational work of Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas, early pioneers in the raw food movement who established the Hippocrates Health Institute. In those days, the term “raw food” was unheard of with devotees preferring the terms of “whole foods” or “living foods”.

Bryn grew up in Christchurch and moved to Western Australia in his early 20s and lived for a number of years in a small community not far from Margaret River. He served his apprenticehip in many of the vegetarian cafes in the west and over the next 25 years went on to own and operate a number of vegan and vegetarian cafes.

In 2010,  he closed his much loved Café 444 in the Judith Wright Art Precinct of Fortitude Valley in Brisbane after 11 years of operation when the developers moved in and purchased the site for a multi-million dollar residential tower redevelopment. Bryn then took a well-earned 12 month sabbatical and in 2011 returned afresh and co-founded raw food business rawconnections and rawthentic organics.

we were just living close to earth and making simple food … we were eating to live rather than living to eat … no one talked about raw food, it was just food …

He has a special interest in Wild Edibles and the medicinal qualities of foods and he writes a regular blog on those topics on our main website.  Bryn is responsible for the creation of the “Everyday Gourmet Raw” range of meals and treats found at the LOHAS Burleigh markets and in our client cafes. Have you tasted his Raw Caramel Slice, his Pear Rawte (raw torte) or a box of his raw sushi?

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